2015 Champions

They came, They Saw, They Conquered! Congrats to team Roc Nation on winning the 2015 Championship. First time in the league and won it all. Special S/O to Elaine Hamilton and Sean Pecas for making this year a success..Great group, well deserved Enjoy! #RocNationSports #Dusse



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Team160 became the 2014 Boneafide Softball League Champions, led by Captain Bobby Joseph,  League MVP Mike Perez, Cy-Bone award winner Mikey ‘Fish’ Perritti and female MVP Joi White upsetting the highly favored Team Protocol 2-0.  Team160 won with their motto…  “Won Love”.

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Bad Boy Came out to Plaaayyyyyy!!!
Puff Daddy’s resilient team of upstarts. Led by Captain Nick Storm, All stars Chris Minaya, Big Rock, and the late attorney RaShan Hilson. Besting Bx. United 2-1 led by hobbled League MVP Danny Scanlon. In a game for the ages.




Epic Records was the sleeper team of 2012, led by new and improved captain Dan Smalls. Having 5 females leading the charge, losing their first 2 games, Epic fought back into the playoffs and into the chip. Beating the undefeated team Bonafide 2-1.

2004 – 2011 CHAMPIONS

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The Legendary team, led by Captain Chuck Bone, All Stars Kelly Dansby, Sr.,  Frico Perez, Jeff Sanchez, Jameel Spencer and a host of talented execs,  went undefeated for 7 years straight causing big rivalry games with Bad Boy and others to no avail. They are the reason the league exist today. The only thing to beat them is father time.