All captains are responsible for collecting and submitting team fees to BSL prior to the first game.  Fees are due by COB on June 6, 2016.  Late fees will be assessed to teams that do not comply.  If in the event of an accident or emergency prior to the game, the Coach or player must notify the Commissioner.


  • All teams must have the BSL logo (dimensions =  4×4) visible on the sleeve of their custom uniform.
  • The season opener on June 14th,  teams can wear their custom uniforms.
  • Father’s Day,  June 19th, all teams must wear the BSL provided shirt.
  • After June 21st, all designated HOME teams only may wear their custom uniforms with the BSL Logo. If you do not have a custom uniform, you must wear the BSL shirt.  The VISITING team must alway wear the BSL shirt
  • Any team in violation will forfeit a run per inning of the game. This will lead to a 7-0 score for the team following the uniform rule.
    If 2 teams competing do not  wear uniforms both will receive forfeits.
  • No baseball spikes, only rubber cleats will be permitted.


Lineup Cards must be handed in at Mgr and Umpire coin toss and all players (first and last name) listed and note as of who will receive courtesy runner. Subs are not allowed on lineup Card. Subs are entered on the lineup card by umpire when it takes place.  It is the manager’s responsibility for notifying opposing managers of the changes.

  • There is a mandatory 18-player roster.
  • There must be at least two (2) women on each team who must play.
  • All changes to player roster must be submitted to BSL prior to the beginning of the season.  Any player not on the roster at the beginning of the season is not eligible to play in the Playoff or Championship games.
  • All players must sign the BSL waiver to play in the league.


  • Any behavior deemed unacceptable by the umpire or BSL staff may result in suspension and/or ejection from a game or the league.
  • There is a Zero Tolerance Policy for profanity and taunting.   Any player, manager, and/or coach will be ejected for the use of such.  Cursing gets 1 warning then ejection.  The player may or may not be replaced. In the event the player is not replaced, an automatic out will be charged when that player is scheduled to bat. A team may drop to a minimum of nine players – less than nine will constitute a forfeit.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and the offender is subject to that player/team being suspended/removed from participating in BSL.


Teams MUST be at the Field one (1) hour prior to the game.

  • A one (1) run penalty will be applied for late starts.
    • 7 guys + 1 girl – an out is given at the bottom of the lineup
    • 8 guys + 1 girl- an out is given at the start of each inning

    If a team is not complete 10 minutes after start time and the opposing team has 10 players on the field and are ready to start, there will be a forfeit

  • Please, no infield or batting practice before a game.  Get to your games early enough to warm up on the side while the previous game is still being played.
  • Each batter will begin with a one ball, one strike count.

Each game will have seven (7) inning games unless Mercy ruled.

  • The Mercy margin is 10 runs after five innings.
  • The mercy rule takes effect at the end of an inning. Thus, if the team batting first is ahead by enough runs for the rule to come into effect, the team batting second is given their half of the inning to try to narrow the margin.

Intentional walks to male batter with a female behind him in the batting order

  • Intentional walk defined as 4 consecutive balls at the start of an at bat (4-0 count)
  • Male batter gets a two-base award (2nd base). The female takes the base (first base).


  • There may be no more than ten (10) players on the field at any given time.
  • At least one (1) female player must field and two (2) must bat.
  • Two (2) female players must play or one (1) out will be added at top of the inning.


  • No knuckle balls allowed ( illegal pitch)
  • Pitchers must lob ball  with a 3 – 6 FT arc on the ball
  • If a n illegal knuckleball pitch is hit. Runners advance bases
  • If a player hits a knuckleball for an out. Everybody gets awarded a base.


  • Bunting and stealing are prohibited. 
  • Runners can leave the base once the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand.
  • If a runner leaves early (before the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand), the ball is dead and the runner is declared out.
  • With less than two out and a ball is hit in the air and caught, runners who leave the base must return and tag before they can legally advance. Runners who remain on the base, or who have tagged, may leave again as soon as the ball is touched.
  • If this is the 3rd out of the inning the batter will be first up in the next inning.
  • If the batter does not swing or swings and misses, and the runner is still off the base (leading), a force situation is in play until the runner returns to the base.


  • Injured players may receive a courtesy runner once they reach first base.  The courtesy runner must be the last player of the same gender to make an out in the game.  A female must be replaced by a female and a male must be replaced by a male.
  • Re-Entry can be substitute by same players who took your place.


  • If the error is discovered while the incorrect batter is hitting, then the correct batter will assume the ball/strike count of the incorrect batter.
  • If the incorrect batter reaches base safely and the error is discovered, the correct batter will be called out.  All runners will return to their original base and the incorrect batter will return to the bench. The opposing team must make the umpire aware of “batting out of order” before a pitch is thrown to the next batter. If not, then the incorrect batter will stay on base.
  • If a team starts with 9 players; the missing 10th player shall be placed in the tenth batting position. If the tenth player arrives, he/she must assume the tenth batting position. (If additional folks are late, the 11th batting position and so on.)
  • No player may be dropped from the batting order, absent extenuating circumstances such as serious injury, as determined by the umpire.  Gaining a tactical advantage is not an exigent circumstance.  If an injury occurs and a player cannot bat, the next batter “moves up” to bat with no penalty.  Any player (without approved injury excuse) who is not available to bat when due up receives an automatic out.
  • A player may be in the batting order and not play in the field.  However, in order to play in the field, a player must be in the batting order.  While in the batting order, a player may enter, leave, or re-enter the fielding team (free substitution).
  • Players may move freely from one field position to another, but the batting order must stay the same.
  • Teams must report ALL SUBSTITUTIONS AND PLAYERS REENTERING the game to the umpire and opposing team.


  • All thrown balls are deemed out of play when the ball is thrown over/beyond the fence or beyond the imaginary line extending from the end of the backstop (if there is no fence).  This imaginary line applies to overthrows and caught fly foul balls.
  • Runners are awarded two bases (the base he/she is going to at the point of the throw plus one more) on overthrows that go out of play.  Direction of runner has no bearing on the award (i.e., when an overthrow is made on a runner returning to a base, they are awarded two bases from that base).  Note:  in cases where a base runner runs past first base, he/she must make a clearly aggressive turn towards second base to be granted 2nd and 3rd in overthrow situations.  Otherwise, the runner will advance only one base to 2nd base.


  • If there is a play at the plate, it is the runner’s responsibility to avoid contact. The umpire has discretion to decide whether the runner initiated contact and should be called out.  Any excessive contact or collision will result in an “out” and/or ejection. This includes contact with the catcher.  Sliding is allowed but not required.
  • Fielders may not block the base paths.  If obstruction occurs, the umpire can award the runner the next base.
  • Teams must provide female catchers with a Face Mask.


  • Rainouts will be made up during the season and at the end of the season.
  • If a rainout occurs while a game is in progress, 4 innings must be completed for the game to count. (If the home team is ahead after the completion of the top of the 4th, this constitutes a complete game).
  •  If a rainout occurs before a game is considered a complete game, the game will be replayed in its entirety.


  • The Umpires ruling is absolute. No arguing. If a call is challenged by a coach, the umpires will confer and decide if the call will be overturned.  The commissioner will enforce rules accordingly with Umpires  decision.
  • Only captains can discuss a rule with the umpire and no judgment calls will be discussed.  Players will be ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct towards an umpire.
  • A player ejected for ANY reason will be suspended for the next game.  If that player is caught playing in that game, the team will forfeit.
  • Throwing bat – warning  first time, next is an out.


  • Each player must play 4 games to be eligible for playoffs