Frequent Asked Questions

We do our best to answer all questions our supporters may have.

  • Are pets allowed in Central Park's Great Lawn?

    Dogs are prohibited in all ballfields and recreational courts, playgrounds, water bodies, streams, ornamental fountains, elm islands at the Mall and the Great Lawn Oval, Lilac Walk, and Reservoir running track.

  • Alcohol in the park?

    Per the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, which establishes the rules and regulations for all City parks, alcohol is prohibited in Central Park. Please refrain from using 'Red Cups' as these are usually associated with alcohol.

  • Grilling or BBQing

    Barbecuing is prohibited in the following areas: athletic fields, playgrounds, woodlands (North Woods, Ramble), landscapes that are fenced off, and Conservatory Garden. Use of propane is not allowed.

  • Photography and Filming

    You don’t need a permit to photograph in Central Park if you are using handheld equipment or using a tripod on paved areas. You cannot use tripods on any of the lawns. If you are bringing other equipment, please email or call 212.628.1036, ext. 29, to find out if you need a permit.

  • Bike riding in Central Park

    Pedestrians have the right of way at all times. At crosswalks, cyclists must slow down, yield to pedestrians and then proceed cautiously. Cycling is prohibited on all pedestrian paths except the marked shared paths at 96th St and W. 106th-108th St.

  • How to get to the Great Lawn

    Take C/B Subways to 86th street. Enter Park at 85th/86th street. Continue east to fields. Or take 4/5/6 Subways to 86th street. Enter Park at 84th street. Continue west to fields. See signs in Park for specific field locations.